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About Me

"I like making beep boop noises"

Hello there! My name is Candace Mortier and I’m the associate audio engineer at Joint Editorial PDX, a sound designer, and a visual artist, currently based in my home country of The Bahamas. I am SCAD graduate from the class of 2021 and obtained my B.F.A in Sound Design and a minor in Music Production. I definitely was known around school as the foley guru BUT I am a woman of many talents, those including sound editing, ADR recording and editing, music editing, Dialogue Editing and I’m pretty tech savy too. I love creating new sounds and creating a space with audio that really enhances the visuals and bringing others into a new world. I also am an avid tennis player and was a collegian Athlete for 4 years! If ya want to make something cool, well reach out!! More work is definitely on the way!


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